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Beer mapping done better

I’ve long wished for a better tool than for planning visits to new cities and making sure to hit a couple of the best bars, restaurants, and stores for beer. Of course, it doesn’t care about making any actual … Continue reading

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How to remove beer labels intact from bottles

I have a penchant for collecting labels from beers (and ciders, wines, meads, …). Some people look at me funny when I take home empty bottles of beer, but it’s for Art! Probably! Sometime! Ok, I guess I’m just a … Continue reading

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Supporting Japan through beer

If like me, you’re wondering how you can support the Japanese craft beer industry in recovering from the earthquake. If you’d like to take this opportunity to explore some new Japanese beers, here are my recommendations: Kiuchi Brewery makes the Hitachino … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup for the Soul

The other day I wanted to make a wicked anagram for my name, since all the cool kids are doing it. But the internets gave me crappy “anagram generators” that just spewed out a bunch of gibberish that was impossible to … Continue reading

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Beer Coaster Framing Project

I collect beer coasters (among other beer accoutrements) and I recently completed a project to display a bunch of them nicely in frames on my walls. Here are some of the things I learned along the way. I decided I … Continue reading

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Miracle Fruit party report

I threw a Miracle Fruit tasting party, and it was a success of flavor! I bought 50 frozen berries and kept them in my freezer until the party. The berries come with instructions on how to best masticate for flavor-tripping … Continue reading

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A Beer Snob’s Manifesto

Similar to the love of food of the hyper-exacting food critic in Ratatouille, I love beer. If I don’t love it, I don’t drink it. In the US, we’re familiar with wine snobs, scotch snobs, bourbon snobs, and more, but … Continue reading

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Animating polar coordinates for fun

I made a little artsy mathy thing. It’s a java applet, so you have to click through to see it, and it didn’t work well in Chrome for me, but Firefox and Safari (after enabling Java) did fine. I used … Continue reading

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Boutez en Avant

I recently discovered that I have a family motto I was unaware of: “Boutez en avant” – meaning “push forward” – has apparently been the Barry motto since there were Barry’s, which I discovered is just after the Normans conquered … Continue reading

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Custom search for buying beer online

I buy a lot of fancy beer. Most of the beers I get excited about now are local to other regions in the US. So over the last year I’ve compiled a big list of sites to look through for … Continue reading

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